About Me

My name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to cake.


I've gone entire weekends where the only food that I consumed was cake...over and over again...

This is not to say that cake is my only food weakness---no, oh no, I could sit here all day and type out every food that I cannot consume in moderation--but I would have to say that at least 25 of the 77 excess pounds that I am carrying are from cake alone.

I've spent a long time wondering how a person like me, who has never battled with her weight before in her entire life, can come to the point where she has 77 pounds of excess weight. As far as I can tell, spending 10 years smoking like a chimney, not exercising, and forgetting what vegetables are and what you are supposed to do with them can help you gain lots of extra weight.

So, in 2010, I decided to make a few Changes.

First, I put down the cigarettes for good. (Yay me!)

Then I decided that I was going to Lose Weight.

So I started Running. Got hurt. Almost quit. Ran some more. Fell in love.

Then I decided that if I trained for and ran a half marathon, I would surely lose tons of weight in that process. So I did.

But I kept eating the same amount of calories...I needed them, you see, for Energy! I was training for a Half Marathon!!

Then I totally lost sight of losing weight as I concentrated exclusively on training.

Then 14 weeks later, I crossed the finish line at the 3rd Annual Augusta Half Marathon.

Weighing the same thing that I did when I started training!!

So now I'm trying to balance my running with a reduced calorie diet, and guess what???

It's working!!!

This blog is all about me trying to find the correct balance in life in order for me to become the person that I know I already am.  I've spent a long time living at one extreme or another, blanketing emotions in food, taking bizarre comfort in failure because failure allowed me the excuse not to step out of my comfort zone and truly live my life.

I'm stepping out....One Step at a Time.