Sunday, September 26, 2010

My New Perspective on Weight Loss

Ok, so now I'm reading The Power, which is the sequel to The Secret. If you haven't read either book and only want to read one, I would recommend reading The Power. It incorporates everything taught in The Secret and a lot more. I just have to say this to some of you (and especially to myself).
As women who are trying to lose weight, we do not give our minds enough credit for the weight loss. Every time we think something negative about our bodies, we invite negativity to return to us in the form of not losing weight, or regaining weight and always constantly having to lose it, or even just losing weight and being doomed to be perpetually dissatisfied with our bodies no matter how thin we get. We have to stop seeing women with perfect bodies and feeling disdain for them. (Don't try to sit there and tell me you don't do that, either, because we ALL do). When we feel disdain or envy or a bad feeling in general when looking at a woman with a nice body, all the universe sees is that WE don't want a body like that. When we see somebody with a great body, we need to feel happy and imagine that our body is like that and be grateful for it. When we see somebody who is more overweight than we are, we need to turn away with our minds and not think about that. Don't give overweight any energy!
We need to stop calling ourselves fat. Every time we utter anything about what a lard ass we are, we make it so. If you aren't at the point where you can say anything good about yourself, at least refrain from saying something bad. Lastly, we need to visualize our perfect bodies and then THANK the Universe, God, whoever, for them. Believe that you have it, and it will come because you're putting out the right vibrations.
I'm not telling anyone to stop their diet or fitness regimen. I'm telling you to stop PUNISHING yourself with them. Eat healthful food because you love your body and want to do something good for it. Go out for a run because you're a badass and you know how amazing you're going to feel when you're done. Don't go on a five day water and celery fast because you were bad and ate a cupcake! Let's just stop the insanity, people!!!
Even if all of this sounds crazy to you, the great thing about it is that nothing bad can come from giving it a try. Harness the power of the mind and see if it doesn't amplify your results and make you a happier person while doing so! So, come on, lets stop all of the negativity and surround ourselves with beauty inside and out, and lets just fake this shit until we make it...and we WILL make it.
Sermon over.


  1. I needed to read this today. Thank you for posting!! I think I say negative things about my body too much. Im going to try to be more positive about my body :)

  2. I am so proud of you and the changes you are making!! You rock!!

  3. I'm about to go out clothes shopping. This sermon couldn't have come at a better time!!

    Thank you Positivity Goddess!

  4. I like the way you think Jennifer. I too also say bad things about my body and I should not!! I have recently started running and I do feel sorta powerful when I'm out there running, It make me feel strong and YES i guess like you said "bad Ass"... I want to thank you for sharing your post with us... Keep spreading the Joy