Thursday, September 30, 2010

Too Sunny in Vidalia???

Life has been doing some pretty amazing things for me lately. Ever since I read The Secret (and the sequel) and started to apply some of the principles, I'm seeing changes. I'm learning that visualization works and brings good things into my life. On the running front, I've improved my speed by quite a bit. 2-3 minutes a mile on average. I also found the exact pair of running shoes that I'd been visualizing in my head (I explained about that a few posts back). As far as life in general goes...I found my Zune that's been lost for a year. It had all of my music on it, and since my computer broke last year and we had to start using an old, obsolete one, most of my music was lost. But now its back, in perfect condition, and all of my music has come back to me. My children aren't fighting anymore, and they are keeping up with their responsibilities better. I randomly made $30 because when I found my Zune, I realized that I also had an extra online accecss code for a school program and it just so happened that the guy who sits next to me in school spotted me taking it out of my bookbag and bought it from me on the spot. I'm not having any trouble sleeping anymore, when a month or two ago there were some nights that I never slept at all. I'm looking in the mirror and feeling good about myself. The list goes on and on, all the way to today when I literally recieved an out of the blue $500 check in the mail. It was so weird because yesterday was my first day of class for Fall Quarter, and also my first time taking an online course. My computer has Windows 2000 on it, which just totally sucks, and I couldn't download any of the plug ins necessary to do any work at home.  I started visualizing getting a new computer last night and I swear to God there was a $500 check in the mail today. No, I was NOT expecting any money...this was totally random. Anyway, the computer that I wanted was on clearance today, so I'm writing this from my new computer and I still ended up pocketing $200. And I know this is just the beginning.

My only concern is that I tend to be a better writer when I'm miserable, and I really love this blog and I don't want to bore everyone to death with all of this happy happy happy crap! I feel like something is slipping as far as this blog goes, and I don't want it to. Is anyone losing interest? If so, what should I be writing about in order to get that interest back? Let me know, I can take it.

Okay, I'm off for a run. Got a half marathon in 3 weeks!!


  1. You silly girl... of course we won't get bored. Are you still training? Yes. Are you still existing? Yes.

    There you go.
    New computer, eh? That is pretty amazing. Congrats on the happiness!

  2. WE love you even BETTER happy than sad! You are a super special person and an inspiration to us all (and especially to me)!

  3. I think your blog is GREAT!! That's awesome about the check!

  4. I'm so excited for you and all of the wonderful changes you're noticing in your life ~ you know, these wonderful things were there before, but your brain was in a negative place and couldn't see them.
    I am LOVING the new attitude and your blog is all the better for it!! (((HUGS)))

  5. I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!! Don't change a thing.