Monday, May 17, 2010

And We're Off....

Starting Weight: 217

I am starting my blog on a Monday, supposedly the beginning of a new week. I really need a new beginning right now, because already I am starting to lose motivation for this journey. And this is my first post!! You see, I have been trying to lose weight for about 5weeks now. For the first three weeks, walking and a little bit of Wii-fit yoga were my exercise methods of choice. I was super motivated, and I felt like I was on top of the world. I was following the dietary guidelines of YOU: On a Diet, which are the most reasonable ones that I have ever read-and, believe me, I've read my share of diet books. About two weeks ago, I accidentally happened upon running. That's actually a whole other story for another post. Anyway, I figured that running could do two things for me: 1. Help me to burn a lot more calories and lose weight faster than just walking and 2. Give me another goal to focus on while trying to lose weight so that I didn't obsess. So I decided to really give running a go. I researched the subject on several running websites, bought a (great) running book, and got a pair of really good running shoes. I followed the advice in the book, and started a walk/run program. The first sequence was walk 6 minutes/run 1 minute. My husband even decided to run with me! We breezed through the first week, and went on to week 2's sequence of walk 4 minutes/run 2 minutes. That was a little bit more challenging, but I was determined. Somewhere along the way, I began to fall in love with running. I don't know why! I certainly can't do it for very long, and it taxes my body more than anything ever has, but there is something there that makes me want to push harder, and run farther, and do it again the next day! Unfortunately, my knees and ankles don't agree with me. On Friday, I decided to forgo the normal routine and just see how long I could run. Well, it turns out that I can run for 7 minutes!! This is a great accomplishment for me. However, now there seems to be something wrong with my knees. They feel like they are stabbing each other when I walk. I can barely walk, and I definitely can't run and I feel very discouraged today. My eating habits have truly slipped over the past week, and I have gained weight two weeks in a row!! Just about every fiber of my being is telling me to give up right now. None of my work over the past month seems to have made any real difference, and I have gained back all of the weight that I lost! And then today while I was walking (hobbling) around the block, I realized that this is the point that I always give up. When the honeymoon phase of being healthy wears off and the day-to-day grunt work of weight loss kicks in. The difference this time is that now I have a new love, something that would really break my heart to give up on. I want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight, and I want to finish a 5k. Hopefully these goals will keep me going when nothing else will. I really am sick of disappointing myself.

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  1. Well as your official first follower I say yay for me, with that out of the way. I say yay for you, for deciding not to give up once the honeymoon was over! What you are experiencing right now is probably shock to your knees for jumping ahead of schedule while I get your desire to push your self. Don't be stupid! Also you are experiencing DOMS: delayed onset muscle soreness. Which is what going into it slower helps you to avoid. Again don't be stupid! Love the blog. Keep it up, the journalist in you is going to keep me entertained and who knows maybe inspire me to be stupid and tell the docs to shove it and start my own routine back! Lord knows I need too! Love you muchos. Gigi :~)