Sunday, October 3, 2010


I have 9 miles coming up today. I haven't been on a long run in 2 weeks, since my 10 miler. I am so freakin nervous. About everything. This race is in 3 weeks and I just don't feel ready. I know I'm not really supposed to feel ready yet, because that would mean that I'm peaking early, or some such twaddle, so I suppose that everything is going according to plan but it doesn't FEEL like it. It FEELS like I've gone and done something REALLY DUMB and now its too late to back out!!!
Two weeks ago, I was excited about this race and knew I was going to kill it. Now I want to vomit!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. My advice....visualize yourself running across the finish line...full of energy and pride. You will do it...I just know you will. A few short months ago you didn't even think you could run at all and now look at yourself!!

    See the vision and it will happen!

  2. Ummm that post above sounds like negative thinking... something that you are not allowed to do! You can do it... you will do it... you inspire me every single day. I will be very proud to know a half marathoner!! I am sooo excited for you .... and cant wait to hear the results!

  3. You are going to rock it! I know you got all spooled up after you first read the secret, but now it's time to actually LIVE it. Don't let those negative thoughts creep back in. Hold on to the new knowledge.
    Put that half marathon out there to the universe. Visualize yourself running it, crossing the finish line, putting the 13.1 bumper sticker on your car......
    You can sssooo do this! You. Will. Rock. This. Race!!!!

  4. Pre-race jitters. Hang in there... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! Focus on the fun, you are going to do great!!

  5. Hi. I am new to your blog. You are definately having some pre race jitters. totally normal i would say! But...remember that you signed up for it because You KNOW you can do it! And you will!

    I just started running not too long ago and did my first 5k last weekend. I know it doesnt compare to a half marathon, but I had the same jitters and doubt. You willbe so proud of yourself when you cross that finish line!

    I have a blog too if you are interested. Posted some pics of my first 5k.