Monday, October 18, 2010

First Weigh In and an Awful Run

First things first-I've been doing great tracking the calories since my last post a few days ago. Staying under 1700 calories really isn't that hard and My Fitness Pal makes it SO convenient to keep a record of my eating. They simply have every food under the sun! I decided to go ahead and weigh in this morning because it's Monday and I would like to do my weigh ins on Mondays. Anyway! I'm down 3 pounds! YAAAAY!!! Actually, I'm happy and all that, but not ecstatic, because my weight is still 212 and its been fluctuating between 212 and 216 for the past two months. The scale has yet to get under 212, so I guess next week will be the real test, eh? Regardless, I'm happy to be on the low end of my weight range instead of the high end!

I wish I could be as happy about my run last night, but it was just awful. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad run!!! Let's see. I was supposed to go 9 miles...kick in the bucket, right? Ha! I was good for the first couple of miles--I was taking it real easy and I felt strong. THEN around mile 3 I started to get an upset stomach. This has NEVER happened to me before. I tried to push through it, but running on a sick stomach just makes things worse! I was able to stick it out until somewhere between mile 6 and mile 7. Hey, at least my GPS decided to reset itself so I couldn't get an accurate reading of my run! That was a nice touch.

It's not like I haven't had bad runs before...duh, read the blog. Its just that this was my LAST long run until the RACE. It was IMPORTANT and I SCREWED IT UP. Now what if I'm not ready? I mean, the training plan didn't put that run in there just for kicks.

Sigh. It's not the end of the world, but it sucks to have my confidence shaken like that a week before the big day. If I can't make it 9, how in the world am I going to finish 13.1?


  1. Whoa!!! Are you kidding me???? You had an upset stomach!!! So unless you made yourself sick on purpose you didn't screw up my dear!!

    I think you deserve a ton of kudos for running through not feeling the best. Please don't beat yourself up about this. Chances are you won't have a tummy ache on race day!


  2. Oh...PS

    Awesome weight loss!!!

  3. Your a winner just for doing the race - you will do great - Good careful.

  4. My program had my last long run to be 14 miles. I only did 10 and that was 2 weeks before the half. I didnt' get in a "long run" that was over 3 miles after the 10 miler between then and the half. You will be fine! :) You are more ready than you think you are!

  5. I love fitness pal and I love how motivated you are! Your awesome, keep it up!

  6. You are doing great!!! I am so excited that you signed up for the race and now you have motivated me to do one....maybe in the spring since it is cold here already. Anyway, I used to get a lot of upset stomachs when running (or after) if I didnt eat enough in general before, or if I hadnt eaten enough carbs. Make sure with longer runs you are getting enough carbs in. I am not sure exactly what you should eat or when you should eat it in reference to the run so check that out so you can be as prepared as possible. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!


  7. It's okay. One run will not undo all the training you've done steadily over all these months. Hang in's just nerves. You can do this, you are strong and your ROCK!! Remember, your thoughts dictate where your body goes!! You can do this!!