Monday, November 8, 2010


Enough of all the crap eating. I've made myself sick over the past few days by eating all the junk, and today I'm starting fresh. I'm sick of excuses...I KNOW how to do this. Its just a matter of doing it!
So today I'm doing a (makeshift) cleanse to get the ball rolling. Nothing but green smoothies, raw fruits and veg, water, and green tea. I will probably break this at dinner time, but I'm going to attempt to stick the rest of the week out doing green smoothies and salads during the day. I went grocery shopping today and STOCKED UP on healthy groceries, so no excuses there.
I have also set a goal of NO eating out this week. This is a real issue for me...I normally eat out at least 10 meals a week. And from what I've learned by tracking my calories over the past few weeks, a lot of the restaurant food that I thought was (relatively) healthy is NOT. Food has way more calories than I gave it credit for!
A piece of good news...I haven't gained any weight from last week! I'm still back up to 215, but no major damage was done.


  1. Eating out is my problem too! :( there is a mexican and chinese place we LOVE to go to. so we decided we'll only go to one of them each week and alternate weeks. this week it's mexican!

    it's so hard to not eat out! good luck! :)

  2. I used to eat out all the time. we still do eat out some but not as much. I make much better choices than I used to. When I learned how many calories were in some of my favorite, and regular dishes I almost fell over. i have since learned to love other things and save those things for special occasions.

  3. Good for you! Breaking the eating out habit was one of the hardest things for me, but I feel sssoooo much better since doing it!

    Hey, I have a question for ya ~ do you feel like you could do another half marathon here in the next week or so (if you had planned for it?) I'm asking because my first half marathon (that I'm doing with my husband) in June 6th and there's another one that I really really really want to do with some friends, but it's only three weeks later. What do you think? We're starting at about the same place and so I thought I'd ask your opinion. Thanks!

  4. I really don't know! I took two weeks off of running after my half because I was just burnt out. Even now, I'm not running like I did...I'm more run/walking just for fitness and haven't gone more than 4 miles at a time. So for me personally, I would say probably not. But I know that there are ways to extend your fitness for multiple events. You could take a week off, do a little training the second week and one decent long, slow run, and then "taper" again that third week--a couple of easy runs, and I imagine you'd be okay. You'll just have to base it on how you feel at the time...I was totally wiped out!