Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Weigh In---Small Victories

Well....I wasn't thrilled with these weigh in results, but they could have been a lot worse, so I am content. Today's weight was 207.6...which is down .6 of a pound since last week. Which means....I LOST WEIGHT OVER THANKSGIVING!!! Okay, yeah, I am kinda thrilled.

These results were despite the fact that I majorly overate on Friday. I had like 3 turkey dinners on Friday!!! I was a woman possessed---I couldn't stop!!! On Saturday night, I went out with my BFF for drinks and dessert to celebrate her new job. I had a piece of strawberry cake and two glasses of Reisling wine...BUT I'm totally proud of myself because I planned for these calories, knew in advance what I was going to order, and ran 4 miles Saturday afternoon in order to get ready for my splurge. Now, I still probably shouldn't have eaten the cake due to my little turkey episode on Friday, but screw it. Its the holidays and I'm NOT going to be one of those women who are terrified of every calorie they consume. I still maintain that's no way to live!!! So just because I'm counting them now, does not mean that they are going to rule my life and take over my existence!!

Anyway, this week I'm planning to pump up the running and MAKE myself start strength training. WAHHHHH!!!!! I feel like a whiny baby about that one!! I despise any exercise that isn't cardio. But we'll see how it goes!!

I hope everyone survived Thanksgiving okay!!


  1. You deserve a darn MEDAL for losing!!!! Whoo hoo!!!!!!


  2. Yay for losing even with the Holiday!! Amazing! :)

  3. Small victories all count. Congrats on a scale victory during the holidays. Stay strong!

  4. Small victories are often the best ones!

  5. down anything over thanksgiving means you have learned a lot about how to treat your body, since the average person goes up! congrats