Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bad Run

So I decided to jump into w5d1 of the c25k challenge. The biggest reason that I chose week five is because it wasn't very complicated. Week 4 seemed a bit more involved as far as remembering when to run and when to walk...ok, yeah, it's a little embarrassing to admit that. Anyway.
Tonight, for the first time since I began running, I felt NO enjoyment in it whatsoever. It was hard and I didn't want to. My right leg hurt and I let it psyche me out. At the end of the second 5 minute running sequence (there were supposed to be three of them), I just gave up and went inside. After fuming at myself for about 5 minutes, I went out and finished the run, and even threw in a little bit of extra running as punishment for quitting! Because it certainly FELT like a punishment tonight.
Even though I ended up finishing, I still feel like I failed. That sort of thinking won't get me anywhere, but tonight I am doubting that I'm going to get anywhere anyway.
If anyone is reading you ever feel the way I am feeling tonight ? I have read that a bad run is better than no run....that sounds great except now that I've had a really bad run I just feel BAD.


  1. hello, I read this as I am on a mission to get a healthy body, not back, but for the first time...I have found that our brain is what stops us most of the time, even if we have some acute physical pain that is justified, our brain makes us stop before our body really needs suggestion would be to take it inside first, on a treadmill, this is only to re train your brain, then go back outside, but at 330 lbs, i can jog a mile on a treadmill, only taking a 20 second break to drink water ever quarter mile...I can now jog in the neighborhood, way more then before...the one thing that I have been able to say, whether I am happy about my work out or not, is that my body feels good, its not about how you think about your activity, but how your body feels about it....can you reflect back on how your body felt when you were done, and not your brain??? I am curious what you think...I have lost 40lbs in 2 months, and this isn't a diet or a fad, it has been a whole life change, you can check out the facebook site I made called " tranny fat camp " your welcome to stop by there anytime for encouragement...Going back outside takes courage, it is the part of you that is going to get you to where you what to be, thank yourself for that, aknowledge it was hard not to finish, but dwell on the will you had to go back out...pull some reverse psychology on your brain...good job today, and good luck!

  2. I have so been there! There were so many times when I would go to the gym and just feel like crap and want to go home. I would only put in about 75% effort then go home. I would always feel so guilty about it. Sometimes I would go back to the gym that night and finish and alot of times I would allow the self pity dress to make an appearance from my closet and I would eat my self into complete failure. It is a really hard line..