Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Would It Be Insane.....????

Ok, I can barely write this down because it sounds so dumb to me but I really don't know if it IS. I was just thinking this morning about exercise and my running and how my running isn't where I want it to be right now...and then this idea just popped into my head.

What if I did the Couch to 5k program?

Yes, I did just run a half marathon. I realize that. But it was almost two months ago and I haven't run further than 4 miles since. And that was only once. Realistically, I think I've lost a lot of my fitness. I have to take more and more walk breaks, my breathing is just out of control all the time. I don't know if the cold weather may have something to do with that??

This is why doing C25k appeals to me right now:
  • It would be like following a training program, which would definitely get me out of the house and burning calories!
  • BUT it wouldn't be too much pressure, either. It would be something that I know I could do and wouldn't be ultra time consuming.
  • There's a 5k in April that I want to run, and I think a good goal would be to run the entire thing.
  • Maybe it would make me a faster runner? (Not that that matters to me at all, of course it doesn't.)
  • It would be a structured way for me to focus on losing all the walk breaks without feeling like I failed everytime I start to walk.
And this is why it doesn't appeal to me:

  • It feels like a huge backward step.
  • My ego doesn't want to admit that I may need it.
So, anyway, I don't know. I could download the podcasts and just get out there, eh? Or perhaps I should just "shut up and run". Hehe...love that blog...

Anyone have an opinion on the topic??


  1. OK. I'm a second time beginner. Been 15 years since I ran a 5K and I have been very sedentary in that time. Tried to get out on my own and quickly sprained an ankle and had to lay up a while. Found C25K purely by accident during that time. I love it! hands down the best thing I've done for myself in many, many years. Started week 6 last evening.
    So you've already run a half marathon? That's outstanding in itself. The C25K in an exceptional program but it is built around the non runner. You'd need to ask yourself can I spend time in the first 4 or 5 weeks in short runs with the walking breaks and not get board or frustrated with it. After a 12 miler, would working up to 3 be beneficial for you? If you do have the patients for it, then I'd say go for it. I think the thing that makes it work when others fail is the phenomenal social network on the FaceBook page. Folks share every run, their problems, their victories, their suggestions and experiences. It's an amazing motivator. And everyone is thrilled with each week 1 day1 one post just as they are with a final week 9 day 3 post. The conditioning it gives you may indeed be a benefit. It runs on a schedule that includes a lot of rest time for the new runner to get acclimated. Just maybe, that's what you need more of- who knows? If you have the determination to follow it, the patients to start at the beginning; then this may turn things around for you. I wish you the best of luck! Be sure to follow through with the postings so we can keep tabs on you.

  2. I think it takes alot to admit that you need some backup for your plans. Sometimes you need to take a few steps in another direction to accomplish your goals, and that may mean re-doing some plans. I dont think its a step backwards, just a different path. Look at it as a way to get your breathing undercontrol and increase your speed with shorter intervals. Its not beginning the running process all over again, its focusing on new aspects that will enhance your running ability.

    Good luck! Im following your blog now....I am in W5 of the C25K and need all the motivation I can get!

  3. I will confess something to you...after I ran my first 10k I stopped running for a couple months. When I went back to running I started all over with the Couch to 5k program :) I spent January through March 2010 relearning to love running. It is not stupid at all! I think your reasons for doing it far outweigh your reasons not to do it...maybe it will give you that little bit of motivation you need to keep going!! :)

  4. C25K is so great - I'm using it with my half training - it's easy and it will definitely help with pacing and endurance. Love this blog and so glad I've found it. It keeps me going when I want to quit. p.s. I bought the C25K app for ipod, so worth it.

  5. I agree with all of the above. It's not a step backwards if you use it as a tool to accomplish your goal. Like everything...it's your perspective that makes the difference.

    : )

  6. I think it's fine to step back. In my training, I cut back about every three-four weeks because you just can't keep going up. If you are comfortable starting back with the c25k then go for it. It certainly beats the 98% other people who just sit on the couch.

  7. there is a bridge to 10k that is the same thing as couch to 5k but it works you up to an hour of running without walking. it starts off with the walkbreaks and then gradually weans you from them like c25k does. you may give it a look see.