Monday, January 24, 2011

Hodge Podge; "Moderation?"

Had an exact maintain on the scale this morning - 204.8. I'm a little crushed, but what can you do? Binges have consequences. I guess its taking my body a little bit longer to jump back than I would've hoped. But what I CAN say is that I'm very proud of my behavior this last week. It wasn't a perfect week, for sure. We had my daughter's birthday party and I caved in to the cupcakes. I also had a day where I didn't track my calories on MFP like I was supposed to. I did track them in my head, but that has never gotten me very far in the past. However, those slip ups were the only significant ones that I had. The rest of the week, I drank my green smoothies and ate what I was supposed to, drank lots of water, and for the most part felt like I was glowing. Also there were times when I could FEEL myself start to slip up, and I was able to mentally turn around and do the right thing.

My activity for the week? Was awesome. I got in THREE runs (had been down to running once a week), including yesterday's planned 5 miler. My pace was consistent at under 12 minutes a mile even for the long run. During the two short runs, I did no walking at all. During the 5 miler, I only stopped twice to walk for a minute or so. Actually, all of this is pretty mindblowing to me. I mean, I basically took two and a half months off from any real running, and when I completed the half marathon I was running 13 to 14 minute miles, having to walk at least once per mile if not more. Now all of a sudden, definitely without training, I'm over a minute faster than I was before and the distance I can go without having to walk has tripled. Weird, but I'll take it.

I actually think that this 100 day challenge is helping my running. I've never cross-trained before, but what with all of the stairclimbing, walking, and rollerblading that I've been doing, I suppose that I am now. And I think its really helping me run! I know that I'm definitely getting in more activity now than I was when I was training for my half, and running is just easier than it was back then. Now watch, I've gone and jinxed myself and this week I'm going to have the worst runs of my life!

Let's see, what else? I've decreased my calorie intake on MFP from 1720 to 1530, so I'm trying to adjust to that. I don't need 1700 calories a day.  Also, I discovered a Allan's blog, and it's had me captivated for the past few days. I've never met anyone who didn't believe in "all things in moderation", and he seems to be a little bit of a weight loss nazi when it comes to moderation. His philosphy? No cookie. NO. Just one? Not even one. Not even ONCE!! If you were an alcoholic, would just one drink be all right? Same deal, bucko!! Are the five minutes of pleasure you'll get from that cookie worth the consequences on the scale? Suck it up and be strong, and you will reap the rewards. But speaking of rewards...they won't be food related!!! Because your days of eating junk are over FOREVER, and pretty soon you won't even want it anymore. This goes against everything that I've stood for in my life (when it comes to eating). I've always believed that eating SHOULD be a pleasure. We only have this one time on this earth...why should I give up my beloved chocolate? My holiday gorge of turkey and stuffing? Fried chicken???? My occasional breakfast muffin or fast food cheeseburger Oreos and milk?? Because honestly, what kind of world would this be without them? So many of my favorite childhood memories are tied into a certain food, or aroma. Never smelling cookies bake again? Is this not a little bit harsh and unneccessary? We only live once, and why should we travel through life with the knowledge that we can never again taste our favorite treats?

Of course, if I'm being truthful with myself (which sucks), these things aren't exactly things that I eat strictly in moderation. In fact, ingesting any one of these items usually never fails to set me up for a huge overeating session. In fact, I usually set out to eat one of the above items in moderation just to prove to myself that I can, and without fail I cannot. So is "moderation" just a mind trick that I play on myself? Similar to "just one cigarette won't make me become a smoker again"? On the other hand, living out the rest of my life and never allowing myself to have one moment's pleasure from a decadent food? That just seems so harsh. I don't know, I really don't. What I DO know is that this Allan guy has lost over 200 pounds whereas I have lost 12, so his opinions should not easily discarded.

So I'm opening the floor. What is your opinion on the "everything is fine in moderation" issue? For me, I can say that right now I really don't know. Almost everything inside of me rejects what this guy is saying, but there's a teensy little part that has been gnawing at my brain ever since I started reading his blog that's saying, "He's right, he's right, he's riiiiiiight".

Plus side! My husband offered me a cookie last night before bed. I thought of Allan and ran away screaming!!!, really. :)


  1. Awesome job on the running and all the other activity girl!! :) That is amazing! As for the food stuff, I am like you and really don't know what is best. Because, also like you, I will never have "just one". I think the real trick is to remember that food is just for nourishing the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs to function. It is fuel. I try and remind myself of that whenever I want a this really benefitting my body in any way? Like I said, I don't know either. I do know that is tastes good, though ;) Good luck this week with the exercise and eating!!

  2. I personally cannot do what Allan is doing. If I don't have my occasional treat I will break like a tree branch and then the binge will follow. You have to do what you feel in your heart.

    Have another great week of workouts!

  3. I think each person is different. I've been following Allan for a while and the NO JUNK ALLOWED thing works for him... but not for everyone. He believes in severely restricting your calories and by most medical standards, that's not healthy. So, I am counting my calories, making way better food choices and if I need a sweet, I have one.

    Only difference now is that if I'm craving chocolate, I make an 80 calorie cup of hot chocolate or have half a protein bar rather than 2 or 3 candy bars. If I want pizza, I have a slice or two rather than a whole pizza or two.

    Moderation is the key... and if you're strong enough to stick to that, then I believe it's ok. However, if you're prone to giving in all too easy, then the NO JUNK ALLOWED policy is great!

  4. First, I like following your progress as you run. So great that you ran better than you have in the past and WITHOUT training!

    The moderation bit: For me, it is not about moderation, it is about not feeling deprived and allowing myself an occasional treat, but factoring in the calories. I think eliminating ALL foods that I enjoy will not help me to learn to eat normally. This is a life long journey for me so I am working on cultivating life long habits. When I get to goal, I think will be more of the everything in moderation mindset. But, not yet.

  5. Some people can eat in moderation and lose weight-heck certain plans are built around everything in moderation. But for me-no no no. One cookie opens a hellfire of cookies. For me, sugar begets more sugar. So it is your ability I think that should be listened to...problem is many people overestimate their ability and underestimate their weaknesses I think.

    Congrats on those great runs-have you run a marathon yet? I have to think that you did and I missed it, right?

    Polar's Mom

  6. PM - No marathon, but I did run a half marathon in October. I'm tossing around the idea of a marathon this November in my head, but don't know if I'm ready yet. That's a LONG friggin way.

  7. I've never been much of a moderate when it comes to anything I suppose. I think it's all about knowing who you are. I've always been pretty successful (in the diet arena) by being strict during the week and on weekends - letting myself eat some junk. Not a ton mind you. But I always liked Denise Austin's simple philosphy of the 80/20. Eat healthy 80% of the time so that 20% of the time you can enjoy the unhealthy yet oh so yummy side of life. There's no good answer and with you sweet cheeks, I wouldn't want to be around you if you hadn't had a piece of cake in six months any more than I'd want to hang out with a junkie who hadn't had a fix in 3 days... Just sayin' :)