Friday, January 21, 2011

The Scale Broke My Heart

So I decided this morning that it would be a good day for a midweek weigh in, just to check my progress and see if there's anything I need to tweak before Monday. So I get all my little ducklings off to school, come inside, lock the doors, and strip down. I step on the scale, praying for at least a maintain.

It said 195.

WHAT?? I knew that had to be a mistake, so I weighed myself again. And again. And again. It still said 195!

At this point, I was trying to calculate in my head how it is possible to lose 9 pounds in 5 days. Maybe I was just holding onto water weight? Maybe I was ingesting too much sodium, which was making me bloat? Maybe a miracle has just happened?? I came so close to believing that I really weighed what the scale said. I decided before I started to jump up and down in jubilation, I would try just one more thing. I took the batteries out and put them back in.

So I step back on, overly confident by this point. Oh, yeah, I'm totally on track! Ahead of schedule! Why was I worried about last week's binge? I'm quite obviously the absolute queen of weight loss! I'm about to look down at this scale and it's going to say...


Sigh. Sob. Dagger in my gut. Piffle.

The damn thing was off kilter! Oh, well. I knew there was no way that I'd actually lost 9 pounds, but it sure did feel good to be under 200 lbs for just a moment! Now I'm totally on fire to see that number for real. No. More. Setbacks!

On the plus side, I've gotten in a couple of great runs this week!! I did 2.11 miles this morning at an 11.5 pace. No walking!! I am totally coming back. I plan to do a 5 miler on Sunday, and I'm really excited about it!

Have a great weekend, everyone!! Hope the scales are kinder to you than mine was to me this morning!!!


  1. Have a great run this weekend and don't worry about that stupid scale!

  2. Screw the scale!!
    Keep running and eating healthy and you will be fine girl!
    Happy weekend and ENJOY that 5 miler!

  3. That stinks! But you will get there!

  4. That is sad. BUT maybe the taste of things to come will be even more inspiring, right? KEEP GOING!

    Polar's Mom

  5. That 195 would be an excellent motivator for me to get back to it full force! I'm convinced that the scale is the devil.

  6. That is so messed up!! Im sorry :(
    P.S. Thought of you the other day when I got a coupon for a free bowl of oatmeal at Micky D's. :)

  7. Awesome. Enjoy that 5 miles. I'll be thinking of you when I'm doing my 6 miler. Haha! Remember 1-2 pounds a week. Keep that up and you'll be very happy come warmer weather!

  8. the rule in our house is if it says it twice on the scale that's the number you go with. :) Our scale is about as whack as our t'mill.