Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Stair Climbing

Today was day 5 of the 100 days challenge. It is raining. I couldn't convince myself to get out and run in the rain...I mean, its freaking COLD out! And rollerblading was obviously out...I don't have a treadmill or any fancy exercise equipment....and Wii Fit just kinda sucks now. It doesn't offer a challenge at all. So MY brilliant idea??

Climb the stairs in my apartment for 30 minutes! It'll simulate hill work, right? Give a good burn??

OH YEAH!!! Man, I am now pouring sweat like I haven't since... a long frigging time.  My legs are weak and shaky too! But guess what?? I don't want to die! I actually handled that workout like a champ and felt powerful and strong throughout the whole thing. (It helped to have the soundtrack from the musical episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer blasting in the background!) I'm all "Eye of the Tiger"y right now. I'm a bloody superhero. Don't you want my autograph?

Ok, I know stairclimbing is no 10 miler or anything, but its nothing to sneeze at either!! Try it sometime.

On the food front...I'm holding my head above water. Canteloupe and one slice of peanut butter toast for breakfast. Jeremy and I went out to lunch today at our local mexican restaurant. I was CRAVING a taco. I ordered a kids meal of one taco, rice and beans. I ate the taco and half the rice and beans. You know how they give out the tortilla chips and salsa at those places? Well, I've gotten into the habit of taking a chip and breaking it up into a million pieces and dipping each piece in the salsa. That way, I can munch on chips until the food comes, but in reality I only had about 3 chips.  So I definitely minimized lunch damage, but the meal was still high in calories. Can't hide from life, though.  After lunch, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some various staples, and GUESS what the bakery was selling? Individually. Packaged. Chocolate. Cupcakes!! I had to have one...but at least I didn't have to buy the usual 6 pack, right? Right? And I "split it" with splitting it, I mean that I let him have a bite. BUT that still counts as not eating the whole thing, so HA!!

Good thing I came home and burned off all those calories climbing stairs, huh! But I'm still going easy on dinner tonight.

Hope everyone is having a great week!! Tootaloo!!


  1. I love Buffy!!! I can't tell you how many times I have worked out to Buffy or Angel on the tv! The musical episode is one of the best!

    I love Mexican food also. You showed much better restraint that I would have. I love my chips and salsa especially with a nice Dos Equis Amber on tap. MMmmmmmm.....

    Great job on the workout and keep up the fab work!

  2. I always break the chips up too! I think it is a good mind trick. I think stair climbing is great exercise when you are stuck inside. I haven't mastered all the Wii Fit stuff yet. That 10 minute hoola hoop wears me out every time, I am panting like a dog by the end of it. I can run miles, but 10 mins of hoola hoop and I wanna collapse!

  3. When i lost weight before i would count out my chips on my napkin and then broke them all up. It really helped! :) too bad that was 4 years ago and i am now on the weightloss train again. :( should have stuck with that little trick!

    very inventive of doing the stairs! I dont think i would have thought to do that! Congrats for 5 days!

  4. The Chip idea is a great one. I had some chips and salsa at lunch. I didn't eat them all but I know I ate more than I should have.

  5. Cupcakes keep calling my name too......hmmm...